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Mobile App for taking building inspection photos & videos, adding comment & labels, and transferring them wirelessly to PC and Cloud drive. Photos and notes are organized. Drop into reports and estimates in just minutes. No extra gear or software skills needed.


How it Works

Take a photo or video

Add circles, arrows or text to the photo if you want to emphasize areas and issues. 

Add Comments and Fast-Labels

Easily and quickly add your comments to the photo, by typing, or using voice transcription. Fast Labeling lets you name them with a description. Saves you time and effort in sorting and finding what you want to see.

Transfer Wirelessly

Photos and videos are transferred with comments, markings, and additional documents wirelessly to cloud storage of your choice, such as Dropbox, Google drive, etc. No need to carry a hard drive or cables. You can work without Internet, and upload them when you are on Internet.


Photos are exported as high resolution image files, or in a Word document with comments. Videos are high definition.  Labelled with descriptions and organized for easy search. Drop them into any report template or estimate software program you like. Fast and easy. Save time spent on computer by average 83%, as reported by users.


Perfect for 

Home Inspections

Commercial Inspections

Repair and Rennovations Estimates

Insurance Claims

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